April 24th, 2004

hug me and dont let go


i love local bands. esp ones from sf. all their concerts are so close. saves SO much money. no flying or anything. and they just started... so a lot of their shows are either cheap or free.


i.love.new.local.bands. lol
(but i still love m5)

so i'm on kingstreet's site and guess what? they are playing around sf, go figure ;P

Thur. APRIL 29th
@ the CoHo
w/Smith Point

Sat. May 1st
@G Street Pub
w/ DownBoy
KSt @ 9:30pm

so yeah, thurs on that day, i open. so if it's a night thing, i SURE can go. wheeeee. OH FUCK, i have to go to my dad's thing... HmMMmMm maybe he'll understand.... and for may 1st, it's a saturday. wheeee i'm off! i'm always off saturdays. happy happy joy joy. hey i bet joy's gonna be happy with these shows too hehehe and of course you cant forget eric. i think he likes kingstreet more than i do. haha.

oh. hmm... look at this.

Palo Alto
Art & Wine
Sat. August 28th
KSt @ 4:30pm

big jump. from may 1st to aug 28th hahaha hmmm maybe i'll just go to palo alto on that day instead of trying to stalk m5 in canada.. hehe... i'll settle for kingstreet. no i am not a traitor! lol but come on? art and wine festival? it's like so me. made for me. on my day!

so i'm seeing them in about nine hours. EXCITED. and i get my m5 stuff from eric. MORE EXCITED> wheee. and i just found a live recording of kingstreet at teh slim's during this summer... uh a cd that is... online... for ten bucks. so i had to get it. got you one too, eric. hehe. lookign out for each other! bwhaha a lot of the songs are not on their album. ;D joy, burn you a copy haha

WHEEE. kingstreet. here i come.
sweet dreams of matt everyone
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hug me and dont let go


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damn, i dated everyone but only shagged 6% hahah. jk ;P