May 17th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

Bad Habits

i love this song. i was listening to it in joy's car. and it gives me this weird feeling listening to it. sorta the same feeling when i listen to "wait and see" and "nothing changes" but the diff between those songs and this song is that... only certain parts of those songs make me feel all weird... whereas the WHOLE song of "Bad Habits" makes me feel all weird haha I LOVE IT. lyrics are good too. i feel like making the whole song my away message hahahah. i finally got his cd. $10 on his site! whee! hehe i love upcoming bands, their cds are so cheap.

if you wanna hear the song and not dl it, you can also find it on his site. under media, of course. i bolded the part where i like and want to put as an away LOL and yeah, i like the first verse too haha.

Bad Habits
by Michael Tolcher

i get all my bad habits watchin you
its true
well i wish that things were so different
change it myself
its what i'll do

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    Michael Tolcher - Bad Habits
hug me and dont let go

alright. I'm BACK!

SO. the cd release was GREAT. kinda sad how the opener had no one there LOL and then when kst came on, it's packed. like wtf? i'm glad that happened tho, was getting a little worried hahah but still. weird. and then when the headliner is on, ppl started to leave... left with half the ppl hahahahah anyways, highlights. again.

-matty giving me his sweatshirt to wear to keep warm ;D
-"you know, next time when you guys are lining up in the cold, dress warm, so ppl dont have to worry about you" OMFG> can we say, "awwww"?
-matty reading my notes haha
-"nothing changes"
-free cd recording of the night! from the guys! yay!
-them wearing our gifts =)
-"i wanna dedicate this song to a few lovely ppl... to the streetteamers!"
-getting introduced to smith point officially
-matty running up to us to give us a hug
-messing with his hair ;P
-"what's up with this pic?" "uh oh"
-- "that's blackmail material there"
-Kingstreet pins! yay! thanks tisha!
-matty breaking the handle hahahahahahahhahahaha

just wanna take the time to thank a wonderful lovely lady whose name brings happiness to ppl.

JOY lol.

thank you for everything. really really appreciate it. really. i owe you one =) so what you want huh huh lol jk no, i cant get you jc, no matter how many times you've asked me hahahahah!
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    Michael Tolcher - Bad Habits (yes, still)