June 29th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

i'm stoke

i'm stoke. there is a few things to look foward to =) :

6/29 - tomorrow. kst webcast. it's a private party, and guess who's invited? =P
---- 6/29 - night - the like. cant wait to see z perform =P "i like the like"
6/30 - kst @ the slim's - better get my sign ready! bwhahah and i managed to get my husband to come too! whoo!

7/9 - 7/11 - VEGAS with my friends (and "family"). FINALLY. we planned this when? how many years ago?? lol well so it's about half a year late... =P but at least we're going! whee!

7/14 - 7/18 - M5 tour with Mayer. another roadtrip around CALI!!! WITH MOSLZ! dude, joy, you have to come down south with us!

i'm a busy woman, you know.
you wanna hang out?
sure, you're gonna need an appointment.
let me see if i can pencil you in ;P
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hug me and dont let go


kingstreet is doing a live webcast thing today at six.

check them out! and look for me!

go here www.expression.edu/
Then click on "Immersion Theatre".

and if you like what you're hearing,
go to www.cdbaby.com and buy their album "along came lizzy"
and tell them JOY sent you!!
yes i am not joy, but pretend i am LOL
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