June 30th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

the like

i like the like

so what's cuter than seeing a gf, front row, rocking out to her bf's band? seeing a bf rocking out front row to his gf's band. yeah. now that's cute. and then helping clean up afterwards? damn. wtf. i need to find a guy and be a cute couple also haha jk

yeaaah i'm gonna go find that cd joy burned me now =)

oh yeah, the webcast thing was great! i hope you all got to see it! der was saying how she couldnt hear it but could only see it, that sucks =( i told them that she was watching it and how she was having some problems with the site and eliot joked if she had her volume off hahah =P

and guess who's seeing them tomorrow? at the slim's? =)
i'm gonna be there
you should be there
yes! see you there.

98% of the teenage population does/has tried pot. If you're part of the 2% who hasn't, copy this in your journal.
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