July 7th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

oh damn. bad day?

show you something cool. hehehe

pic 1 pic 2

it's my bruise hehehe isnt it HUGE? haha i was selling a computer and i went to pick one up but the stupid handle on one side was broken and half of it fell on my knee. giving me this. i'm so proud of it, been showing it off to everyone hahahah you should've seen my manager's reaction. a really big one i would think.

kinda sucks because i was thinking of skirts and shorts for my vegas trip. now i have to show off my bruise to everyone and their moms.

but oh yeah, this is actually what i'm really proud of
new digi
it's my new digital camera bwhaha just in time for vegas.

but anyways the day that i bought the camera, i decided to go to the gavin/marc show last min and so i went. charged the camera on the stage before the concert started hahahah and had enough battery life to take pics of the whole concert. whoo! go me! lol some of the pics came out very good and some a little blurry, i guess because i didnt wait for it to focus before i took it. oh wells.

oh yeah, i also drowned my phone today. well it's more like eric's phone =\ (SORRY!) i dropped it in the toliet. it's a clean toliet! BEFORE i used it ok lol and when i took it out, there were water in it, but the phone was still turned on! i could've even unlock the thing to turn it off so i can dry it. and then it started to go weird on me but enough for me to text and stuff... and now it's on... but none of the buttons work... so i gotta use my old phone again. sorry eric! RIP cell phone =(

but it's not putting me down. why? because i'm excited about vegas! ;D
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