July 27th, 2004

hug me and dont let go


so i was on the m5 message board and i took a good look at their she will be loved banner for once, and saw the bobby carmichael site... i've been on it before but i decided to take another look to see if anything changed. i came across bobby's email, so i wrote him telling him how i got his site and that his pictures are awesome. and he wrote back.

Subject : Re: LIFE

I've got a crush on you but I'm married... And old.

Thanks for the kind words. See you around Duke's window...


if i remember correctly, the subject i put was "profolio." noticed how he changed it to "LIFE"? like father. like son. ah. jrc <3 such lovely ppl.
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hug me and dont let go

plum wine

so my dad bought so plum wine. or maybe it was a gift?? but anyways my brother poured some for himself and drank it like he would drink soda. oh you should've seen him hahah he went over the sink and started to choak or something. it was kinda funny hahaha and i told him that he cant drink it like that, he has to taste it. and i drank it... and it was sweet to me... and not bitter at all. and my brother tried to taste it also, and he choaked again hahahah well it shows he hasnt been drinking... and even tho i dont drink too much... it showed how i now have a little tolerance for alcohol taste.

dude. my sister just walked in with one LOL wtf. she's 13.

oh yeah, i'm gonna get fat. XD i ate like a whole bowl of rice and food at seven today and now i'm eating the SAME EXACT thing right now... and i'm already on my second bowl... or third for the day. whoooo.

now i think maybe i'll get one of those plum wine for myself ;D or maybe not. =P i kinda want soup.
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hug me and dont let go


so of course. i have to do this. well i actually have been pretty lazy and werent able to do all the survey and fun stuff on lj for the past few times. but this one is kinda interesting.

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