July 28th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

things to do before i die

i'm watching "final romance" or "hope tree" right now. i gotta say. edison is one fine ass guy. i think edison and matty would forever be the guys that are so good looking... if i see them too much, i forget... and then when i dont... and i see them again... it's like WOW hahahah i dont even know if that made sense. hey at least i actually know one bwhahahaha. drools <3

and of course, "final romance" is in japan. and it made me realized that i always wanted to go to japan lol so yeah. this is my plan: i'm gonna go to japan, hawaii with my friends and backpack through europe within five years. yeeeahh. oh yeah. and along the way, go to new york and boston haha i'm so going to boston when M doesnt live with his parents anymore... and then we can go to new york together. wheee M <3
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