July 29th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

everything happens for a reason

i seriously think that everything happens for a reason. be it a small thing or a big thing... with small outcomes or big outcomes... it does not matter... they all happen for a reason. yes i think life is fixed with a bunch of decisions. and you choose which path you'll walk down... and then that path would split until other paths that were already there... you know, fixed. so it's fixed but it's not. haha did that make sense? ah, yeah, i'm sure you're smart and you'll get it.

i also think someone up there likes me =) i'm so spoiled hehe but hey, i'm no spoiled brat =P if it doesnt go my way, i dont bitch about it... i might be a little stubborn and try to change it... but i wont pout about it. (did i? lol) well anyways why do i say that? two days ago, i bumped into ryan on the bus. yeah, i know he lives near me but i hardly ever see him on the bus. ever. he was with a friend so we didnt talk much but said hi: "going to work?" you know, the usual. and of course, eventually i fell asleep on the bus... being it's like 8 in the morning.

then before you know it, i was woken up by someone tapping me. it was ryan, "hey didnt you miss your stop?" it was about two stops after. so i thanked him and stuff and went to work. still got there on time too hehe. well point being, by the way i felt when he woke me, i'm sure i wouldnt have waken up the time he woke me up... hence... i might've actually woke up waaaay later and be extra late to work... but thanks to the fact that i bumped into ryan, i didnt. and i never bumped into him.

i'm telling you, it's fixed lol and someone up there is lookign after me
thanks =)

something funny.

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