August 3rd, 2004

hug me and dont let go


kevin gave me a keyboard for christmas because he said that my old keyboard sucks. so ever since then, i've been using the keyboard he gave me... which he claims to be better hehe anyways the letters are fading... or falling off... whatever you wanna call it. the R looks like a P and the N and M are fading to a point that they kinda look the same... i'm kinda tempted in just scratching the whole alphabet off since i dont look at the keyboards anyways haha

but then i remember... my parents use the computer and they dunno the keyboard as well as my siblings and i. =| damn my keyboard would look so cool without any letters LoL

Quote of the Day: (talking about liking girls too much, while shopping) that must mean i'm not gay. OH look! pink polos!
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    Nsync - For The Girl Who Has Everything