August 29th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

8/28 thank you/appreciation

so i wrote an entry and stuff... about today. but i accidently closed it... so now i'm too lazy to rewrite the whole thing except thank you for everyone who called, texted or "IMed" me on the phone. 8/28 thank you for amy, megan, joy and stephaine for the lovely day, for making me laugh, for being yourselves. thank you eric for being my personal driver ;P and for buying me dinner. hehe thank you dianne for your lovely brownies. ;D thank you matty for singing me happy birthday and tim for reminding him lol thanks the kst guys for putting on such a great show, for giving the AFYC a shout out when you were about to sing "all for you"

8/20 thank you guys for clubbing when you normally dont. thank you guys for drinking with me, when you normally dont. thank you for trying to dance with me when you normally dont lol thank you for going to dinner when you werent feeling good =) thank all of you guys for dinner. thank you for letting me lean on you when i needed someone to lean on. thank you for the jackets when i'm cold. thank you for doing the little things that made me happy.

message for all: thank you all for all the lovely gifts and cake ;D i love all of them! thank YOU for just being there. i had fun on both days. i really did. and i hope all you guys did too. i think this year is one of the best years i celebrated my birthday. thank you, all of you invovled.

and last, i have to end it off with this. since i'm so infatuated with him. i got a card from my lovely girls + one guy (thank you! i love you guys!) and they got the guys to sign it. 3 out of 4 of the guys just put "happy birthday" and signed it. but matty. ah. matty. the love of my life.

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hug me and dont let go

pathological liar

i always tell ppl that i should lie to strangers that asks me questions about myself. i always said, "i should just say 'yes' one day when i get asked 'are you japanese?' again" you dunno how many times i get asked that. maybe one day i should just say "yes" and make them feel happy about themselves guessing right. i always say i'll lie to strangers... but i never do. the only thing i lie about myself is that i have a bf when i get asked out or for my number. john told me that there is actually a fake number you can give to ppl that you're not interested in and it'll be a voicemail. like "hi, this is not a real number, you got this number because the person who gave it to you didnt want to reject you in person" or something like that. it's quite funny if you call. here are the local numbers: 415-356-9833. lol but i prefer to lie and say i'm taken or in a serious relationship then to give someone false hope.

btw did i tell you that i'm 25, japanese and married?
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