August 30th, 2004

hug me and dont let go


John: you know, at a time like this, i would probably buy it for you...knowing you like it
John: but you're not my girlfriend so
John: nevermind
John: i miss having a girlfriend just for that
me: what?
me: you miss spending money on a girl?
John: that way i can find a way to complain with my guy friends about how expensive she is
John: yeah
me: LOL wtf is wrong with you

so anyways, i just had this weird idea. it's so weird, even on my level, that i decided not to put it up on my lj... because then you'll just think i'm more... weird. but i still wanan do it tho hahaha who wants to do it with me? lol there are a few qualifications tho ;P

so anyways i have crap to read and look what i'm doing 0=) chatting and updating my journal. whee. this is life.
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