September 28th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

my ring

i finally got my ring. i figure that if i fell in love with it the first time and realized that it's not that great the second time... how would my third time be? so i went back today with donato and frank and i tried it on once again. and this time i got it. minus the whole silly idea i originally had in mind. i'm happy with it. =) now i'm telling everyone, "hey! i finally got the ring!" brian basically said that i fall in and out of love so easily with it, i'll probably hate it tomorrow and like it again the day after.

what i wonder is: is he right?

a cute guy pic for you:

isnt he cute? lol
the baby kept staring, it was cute lol had to take a pic of it.
wonder how the guy, the baby was looking at, looks like.
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