October 2nd, 2004

hug me and dont let go

"red dots are not my friend..."

so i was reading alan's xanga and he mentioned this addictive game. and basically left with a remark "BEAT MY 10,000 SCORE BIATCH. THIS PZWNS U." you know how i love these type of games... so ah ha... yeah. this is my highest score. now try to beat that. while i do it also LOL and while i was playing, i figured out that this game isnt addictive because it's fun, but because i'm determined to beat that score of his. and when you get close for example, 9000, and you die. you'll be like 'WTF" and do it again until you do beat it.

i guess it's just some healthy competition.

so if you wanna play and too lazy to read the instructions:
the black box you first see = you, control by the mouse
other flying black boxes = good, get it =)
flying red boxes = game over
black dots = your friend
red dots = not your friend

enjoy and tell me what is your highest.
p.s. the music is a little annoying, you can turn it off by clicking the "music" word after you lose, which you will!!! LOL jk ;P

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