October 15th, 2004

hug me and dont let go


so the other day i saw "windstruck" and (sorry for the ppl who didnt see it and is gonna) the guy dies in it. boo. then yesterday i just finished watching the videos and the main character dies in the end before he took wedding pictuers! WTF!! i'm like watching the thing and bawling my eyes out. i mean how would you feel if you were about to marry your fiance and he dies?!?!?! and you didnt even know it while you wait for him!?!? or how would you feel if you thought you killed your own bf? omg. *cries*

anyways tell you something funny. i saw a guest holding del taco cups at work and i'm like WTF? so i went up to him and asked him where he got it. and guess what?! they just opened up a del taco near my work!!!! wowowowow i'm eating it right now at work bwhahahahah

oh this is the funniest thing. i am at work right now in the break room. and i was on the marc broussard site... buying tickets for the show next weekend. and uhhh my boss walked in and said "marc broussard?!" and i'm like "you know him?!" and he's like "i heard about him" and i said "yeah well he's doing a show next weekend in the city. but i dunno if i can go because i dunno if i'm opening or closing. hint hint hint!" and he's like "i get it, when is it?" "sunday" "ok i'll make a note on it" LOLOLOLOLOL

sorry i lied. no random pics. got lazy. uh. it'll be up for next entry... yeah...
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