January 24th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

last night

i uploaded the pics last night, i sent it to some of you guys already. but for some weird reason i cannot find the fucking link, i can only send invites. it's some weird shit. so uh.. tell me if you wanna see it... and give me your email... so i can invite you to my album lol hah. i'll screen the comments for the "protection" of the ppl who want the invite and dont want to give the whole world their emails. and will unscreen the comments that does not have emails in them :) well anyways, the pics came out sorta blurry... :( i guess we can pretend that it's some kind of affect haha
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kaumyar's self-protrait

my little weekend trip to LA

so saturday was by far one of the best shows i've been to. i had so much fun! minus the cold and what not. they played 15 songs! (i think?) we encore them back out. playing "only if you want me to" totally made my day. because i remember tim telling me they never play it and i was so upset. before them, right before we are lions, these little girls squeezed their way up, i guess to see we are lions. and at first i was a little annoyed but whatever, and then this girl cut right in between joy and me and started to call her friend to come over. and i'm like "EXCUSE ME??? I WAS HERE FIRST" she was so young and small, i was literally looking down on her. and her friend's like "it's ok." and stood behind me. but the girl didnt move. but i decided to let it go because i remember how it was back then when Maroon5 opened for a band and the headlining band's fans were in front of us... i was annoyed. of course i would definitly kick her out if she was there for bcr, but she was not. so it's all good. man, while we were waiting in line, kaumyar walked up to us and literally jumped into our little "circle" and landed on everyone. that was funny haha and then he started giving nicole and jos handParade cds. and at first i thought he was jsut giving them out because we're fans, so we all wanted some! but apparently jos and nicole bought them online. so we gave them back. so once i got home last night, i bought the $12 pack too hahaha i just dl them at work, so i'm listening to them right now. i talked to kaumyar a lttle bit last night and he told me he's sending the cds today~! so fast. i cant wait to get them.

anyways, about the trip... altho i slept most of the way to and fro, of course..., the trip was fun too hehehe and how funny was it for jos to want to park at the doorway for mcdonalds and it's not even the right one? hahahahaha and how funny is it to met karen the first... or second? time and just totally spread her legs and places myself in between? hahah i hope i didnt scared her. lol

and yeah... uh... we did some bad things to kauymar at the hotel. let's just keep it at that.. lol and i realized that andy is cuter than matty. uh yeah. LOL OMG. ANDY <3

LOOK at THAT SMILE! *breaths* ok, i'm done. lol

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