February 2nd, 2005

hug me and dont let go


argh. stephen's sick. so now i'm sick. great. well i dont think mine is as bad as his tho. and i felt fine yesterday! i even went to the gym, by myself too because he didnt feel good. but i stopped by afterward just to hang out since his house is so close and use his computer for ring tones :P whee~! and now i'm sick. bleh >P we didnt do anything! seriously. i was just in a sick person's room. and there you go, i get sick. how sad. gotta stop being lazy and start taking my vitamins again.

great, i'm hungry too hahaha
ok i'm done complaining.

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hug me and dont let go


ah. i was reading devipz's journal and she was talking about vegas. ah, vegas. and she went into detail about which places she stopped at and which buffet she liked better and where she shopped.... and... vegas just like that came back to my head. every place she mentioned flashed through my head. even when she mentioned the bellagio water fountain show, i remembered it all. man, been to vegas too much last year. but i kinda miss it and wanna go back. hahaha

who wants to go to vegas with me? LOL damn. man. i'm planning on going to boston/maryland/new york this may... and maybe even snowboard again this month! or not... :\ argh. gotta stop it!
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hug me and dont let go

blast from the past

omg. i'm so bored at work. and.... oh wait, i can turn off the phones~! hold on...

anyways, i was bored at work and i decided to surf lj a little. really really bored. noticed </a></b></a>58mm latest entry. his journal is always interesting to read. and something reminded me of eddy's comics... maybe because i knew frank through eddy... or because eddy used frank's site to put up some of his comics... either way, i thought of eddy.

i havent talked to eddy for a while now... if there's one thing to describe eddy, i would always say that "we're like ying and yang." eddy was quite the opposite of me. we viewed life very differently and often argued/discussed with each other a lot about life. love. but we had one thing in common that kept us talking to each other, we both liked someone a lot that never showed their affection for us. but years have gone by and we sorta went our seperate ways, life took us on different paths. you know, the same ol' deal.

it was quite funny how we met. through asian avenue. yes we did, do you remember that? and sooner or later, we talked on aim and realized we both went to the same school. and even before we've met, i promised him to keep him company in a segment 3 class for him and i-didnt-need-this class for me.

i think he still reads this because once in a while i get a comment from him on my journal. and whenever he updates, which is not that often, i would read it too...

anyways so one thing lead to another and i'm on the basic stories site. yeah so. i looked up some of the comics that had me in it.

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just wanna say hi eddy, and wondered if you got my card for your birthday? :P
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