February 11th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

the day ends best with ghirardelli

if some of you dunno, i really liked the brownie sundae from ghirardelli. well i dunno if i like it anymore or not because last few times i had it, it was "ok." anyways, i gave up anything that has additional sugar... so obviously i cannot eat the brownie sundae. whatshisname wont tell me what we're doing on the day we celebrate valentine's day. "it's a surprised," he said. but i gave him warnings, "i gave up sweets for lent." and he's like "damnit, i was thinking of taking you to ghirardelli too." :D

that's so cool. he remembers me saying that i think any day/date ends best at ghirardelli. :D
i wonder what we're doing
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