February 17th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

short stories

getting old

so yesterday i was punching in a new member for m5 and i dunno WHY but the sheet always ask for the member's birthday. we dont have any age limit nor do we punch that information in, but whatever. normally i dont look at the birthday, but this particular member writes really big and her birthday caught my attention. she was born on 1990. i'm like, "heeeeeey! that's my sister's age! wtf are ppl that age joining fan clubs for?" and then i realized that my sister is turning 15 this year. and 15 is actually a really appropriate age to be a fan. damn, this is my little/baby sister here. 15 this year~! well she's still 14, and that's ok, because 14 is young, whereas 15 is starting to actually be a teenager... hah!

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