February 23rd, 2005

hug me and dont let go

Paris Hilton's Sidekick

so we all know Paris Hilton's sidekick got hacked. blah blah blah. i read it a few weeks ago in In Touch. (yes, i purchase one whenever i go to the supermarket) anyways, i didnt really care for it until last night stephen was telling me how you can dl or view her address book. and now i knew she got hacked, but i didnt know it was posted all over the internet... or did i?? and i also overheard a conversation on the bus yesterday about it... how the only person she has from sf is gavin newsom's phone number... it's like, "is this the talk of the town now?" well anyway i remembered she flirted with adam and figured he'll be on it. so i went looking for it haha. but what caught my eye was another number, "berg, z" oh dude! so i went looking for mickey's. nope. jesse....? nope. whew, thank god. and ryan's? nope... altho there was one listed as "ryan" but that could be anyone... right?! anyway, of course adam's number was there. along with his sidekick address and his aol address. haha. great stuff. i am not gonna do anything tho. after all, i'm sure he got harassed enough already and probably changed everything by now. i'm surprised nick carter isnt on her contact... or maybe she just listed him under a nickname. like that popoo one hahahaha

it is amusing to see who she has contacts of
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hug me and dont let go


i personally think i'm on good terms with all my exes. except for one, but that's between you and me, he doesnt know lol so today one of my earlier exes imed me. he usually does that once in a while. out of the blue. and he told me how he's with a new girl now. blah blah. and how he broke up with his previous ex the day before he got with the new one. how he loves the previous one but the distance is too much. and now he's with the present one for a week. and i'm like "dude, you use the word 'love' too loosely." and he's like "i know." and then if you check his profile, it's all "i love (present girl's name) and she loves me."

what are we in?
high school?

yeah i know i say that i love edward norton or daniel wu... but it's not like i mean it. and i know for sure it wont affect any of those guys if they ever find out. i dont go around telling every guy i date that i love him... especially after a week of dating. actually i dont think i've said it yet. when i say it, i wanna mean it, you know?

it just annoys me how he's throwing it around like that.
"oh i've dated you for a week, i love you!" just like that angry little girls comic that salina put up a few days back...

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