March 3rd, 2005

hug me and dont let go


This face analyzer i got off </a></b></a>salina's lj is pretty interesting. you can take it here.

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i mean i get mistaken for korean and japanese a lot... so... yeah... at least i'm mostly chinese :P but hey, i'll be rich! bwhahahah! and to answer salina's question, i think it's pretty accurate for me. i'm high sociability, will be rich and very low gay factor :P but no really, it's pretty accurate... except for the money part... not yet at least :P

well i should give an emotionless picture... they said it's more accurate that way. so when i go home, i'll do it again :P yeah... that's like tomorrow night.

...... last night i had a dream that there was a stray dog. it looked just like jessica simpson's dog. small and cute. and i was watching it play and it fell down some stairs and hurt himself. so i carried it to a vet. and i was gonna keep it and give it a collar... have the vet give it shots, all that good stuff. so while the vet was curing him, i went to get him a collar, and when i came back he was all better... but before i could put on the collar, he ran off into the streets and two cars hit him and he died. :(

i dunno why i remember my dreams.

edited: OH yeah, since a Lindsay Lohan song came on, i was reminded that in my dream, before i saw the stray dog... i saw Lindsay Lohan reading a magazine and getting really upset. she was reading an article about Ashlee Simpson dating her ex ahahahah. OK i gotta stop reading In Touch.
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hug me and dont let go

stages of work

i have three stages of work:

stage one
i come in at 930. i go straight ahead and check email, lj, surf the net

stage two
10, when the phones turn on. then i'll go into work mode. most of the time teehee.

stage three
530 rolls around and i turn off the phone and i'm acting like it's stage one again. so stage one and three are pretty much the same.

uh yeah, i'm so lazy... but stage two is not that lazy tho. i'm hardworking! :D so that's not that bad. just one hour of lazyness out of 7 and a half hours. my excuse.

anyway, after moving to a bigger desk, my back has been driving me nuts. so they are finally gonna order the chair for me :) so i'm excited about that. but since it's been like this for a while, i'm thinking of seeing a chiro anyway... any suggestions? i'll be doing a bunch of research, since they arent cheap... but i wanna hear some suggestions anyway heheh
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