March 7th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

a -.- weekend

i think i had one of the worse weekends ever. minus the party, that was fun. but still. the whole weekend has been like this -.-

i went to eat with stephen. and we picked Will up to eat with us since they both had the same shift. stephen drives a two doors integra... so while we waited for Will to come out, i got out to get into the backseat and right when i got in, i hit my damn head! -.- you and i both know i've sat in that same model car A LOT... yes i've sat in the backseat a lot too! and that has NEVER happened to me before. wtf :( it sorta hurts when i touch my forehead. -.-

THEN sat night, when i was closing my parents' door, the door slammed on my finger! it FRICKING HURT! :( that sucked too. and altho the party was fun, it's kinda sad to feel tension around. -.-'

the washing machine downstairs stopped working. sat, while i was vacuuming, i did some laundry, it was working fine. when my sister came home, i asked her to dry the clothes. she came back telling me that the washer stopped moving... but there are still water in it. -.- so sun, i woke up, went to check on it. plugged it, unplugged it. nothing happened, no light. dug my hands in the washer to see if clothes tangled it. nope, nothing. put in money again (yes cheap landlord charges us) and the light turned on.. cool... but it isnt spinning... making weird noises tho! and then it started to work, oh good. but NoOoOoO it started to smoke up! -.- so i had to turn it off. immediately get all the wet clothes out, wringing them as much as possible... THEN going to the laundry mat to wash them again. -.- before i left, i made sure to tell my sister what to do in case of a fire. LOL dont worry, the machine is unplugged and not by me :)

so yeah, what a -.- weekend
party was fun tho.
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