March 11th, 2005

rock on

james valentine

this was taken off a matchbox20 board: source

One of my customers was talking to me about her son, who is in a band called Bright Eyes. When he was younger, he was in a band with James Valentine, (guitar player for M5), and is still very good friends with him.

Well, her niece was in a pretty bad car accident last a coma for 3 weeks...and ran it past Nate, her son, that it would be really great if James could send her a signed pic of himself, as she is a huge M5 fan. About 2 weeks later, this lady got a GUITAR sent to her house signed by every member of Maroon 5 to give to her niece.

I just thought that was so sweet.

and some ppl ask me why i like this band so much.
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