March 18th, 2005

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Beyonce's Oscar song offended the French

Actress JULIE DELPY has accused BEYONCE KNOWLES of offending her fellow French citizens - by "murdering" their language during her performance of VOIS SUR TON CHEMIN at last month's (27FEB05) OSCARs.

The BEFORE SUNRISE beauty was disgusted by Knowles' rendition of the Gallic song, from hit movie LES CHORISTES (THE CHORUS), because it sounded like she was singing in Chinese.

Delpy complains, "Beyonce singing in French - it sounds like she's crooning in strong Chinese

"I swear to God, to French people it was like being stabbed in the heart."

EDIT, from Who magazine
Did Beyonce have to learn French to sing the Oscar nominated "Look to Your Path (Vois Sur Ton Chemin)" from Les Choristes?
As the singer might say: "Je ne parle pas Français" - that is, if she spoke French. According to her rep, Beyonce doesn't know the language, she simply memorised the lyrics.

this is some funny shit hahahhaah
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