April 29th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

time flies

ok... i dunno who knows this but back in high school, i went to taiwan for two months to "study" mandarin. it's an over seas program that ppl from around the world... mainly chinese ppl... gathered to "learn" mandarin. mandarin i didnt gain much hahaha but i did gain back a few first experiences. first time clubbing, first time dancing, first time drinking, first time getting drunk, first time faking my id, first time sneaking out, and first time sneaking into a club underage.... but i also gained a few really good friends and memories.

but anyway, i'm talking to one of those ppl i met in taiwan who lives in FL. and we were talking about graduation and then he said something that hit me how time flies by so fast... again. he's like "this is sad. we're 23... when we were in taiwan, we was 16" wtf. i've known him for 7 years? man time does fly.

not to mention, this whole ny thing made me realized that i havent seen both martins in like 5 years. man. wtf. it didnt seem that long ago.... here it goes again. my fav saying... "before you know it, we're getting married.... and having kids...."

scary. where did my time go?
should start doing this thing were i go to somewhere i havent been to once a year to visit an old friend i havent seen in a while. like someone from hk who moved... or someone i met in taiwan... something like what i'm doing this june. :) and hopefully by the time i want to "settle" down, i've "been around" hahahaha
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