June 8th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

dilbert comic

hello. i've been updating too much LOL that's what happens when your work place allows internet access limitation free~!
uggghhh it's raining. at least it's light rain and not heavy rain :) feel like going back to bed...


sleep... warm bed. wheee~ :D


however. i am in a good mood :D i dunno why. so happy today :D

so yesterday i went to give blood. and you might find this weird but i think the worse part about giving blood is when they poke your finger with a needle to test your one drop of blood for ... iron? well anyway, i think that hurts the most lol like when i have the needle in me and blood is flowing out, that's more of a weird feeling... but it doesnt hurt like that. kidna ironic.

do you know that there is 1 out of 12 ppl that has my blood type? lol kinda common :\
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