June 13th, 2005

rock on

m5 in reno

so yesterday was supposed to be one of my best m5 experience. NOT only am i going on a m5 road trip to reno but also it's a FREE m5 trip to reno with meet and greet.... and for once i am there as a staff and not as a fan. it was supposed to be, but it was not. well, i guess the experience was good but the concert experience marks the worse concert experience i've ever had at a concert. so many drunk dumbasses making fools of themselve and falling onto ppl. maybe i should've been in front with my girls? i wonder if it's always been like this but i couldnt tell because i was front row? or maybe because it's just reno ppl are like that? either way, i was irritated for most of the part during the concert.

like one time, i was trying to push myself back into the first row... which is like fifth row after the concert started. it didnt matter if you were seated in the back, you could've gotten your ass in the front... somehow, the space from the stage to the front row became a pit area. one bitch wouldnt really move, but i managed to push myself pass her, and once i did that she pushed me from the back. i turned around and screamed at her "I SIT IN THE FRONT!" i dont think she expected me to turn around and say anything. she looked surprised and maybe even scared? anyway, i should've showed her my ticket while i said that and add "that's more than you can say for yourself!" but i didnt. i was already pretty irritated. i was telling frank, bryan and kin about that bitch who pushed me afterward and bryan's all joking "You should've just said 'frank, bryan and kin!' (while he put his fingers up one at a time) and we would've showed up and beat her up" hhahahah!

and then there was this fat ass drunk middle age woman... she was so annoying, she annoyed frank, bryan and kin and she was next to me and not next to them. at first i saw her kept touching this guy in front of her, like rubbing his shoulders. the guy turned around and looked at her, but didnt do anything. i thought she knew him but then the girl next to that guy saw and hugged the guy from behind and the drunk ass laughed like "Oh i didnt know he was taken" laughed. and then she DID IT AGAIN and went as far as touching his ass! and he turned around again and gave her this look. and the whole night she's just messing with his hair. i was irritated for him lol

ok, but anyway it's not all that bad. gambling was cool. except i kept doubling or doing better and then losing it and evening out. w.t.f. oh wells. and then last day i gambled i lost -.- i dont think i can stand the smoke. i think i am pretty much over places like reno and vegas now lol

oh wait, i'm supposed to talk about the good parts LOL ok good parts, my boss, whom i've worked with for this travel package, asked me if it was different to be there as a staff instead of a fan. and to answer him, it was. i wasnt trying to talk to any of them, i just walked around taking pictures/documenting the event. but the guys are nice anyway and would say "hi" when they see me. and everytime they do that, i would tell them i work for fan asylum now. everyone was surprised, a few of the guys thought that it was weird lol but it's nice to get hugs now when i see them. shawn, james and jesse all hugged me to say "hi" once they saw me. ♥ before they found out i worked for them hahah awww jesse ♥ my boss shook his hand and introduced himself to jesse and jesse's like "hi i'm jesse" and then he saw me, hugged me and i said "hi i'm eliza" and he's like "i know" :D i tried my best not to talk to any of them, after all "i'm working" lol but when the meet and greet ended and adam and mickey left, james and jesse stayed and i went up to jesse and told him for jos that it's her 50th show. and we talked a little. it was nice.

i talked about how it's been two years that i've been a fan. he asked me when was the first time i saw them. he then remembers the ducks! thought i gave it to him but i told him "no, that was heather!" lol he was telling me how he doesnt realized how long ago it was and that his timeline are all a little messed up. he asked me how i ended up working for fan asylum. and then i said something that i think made him a little bit uncomfortable. i said "you know i'm a fan because of you" which is actually not what i wanted to say. LOL i wanted to say i traveled to see them a lot because of him... i was not a fan simply because of jesse LOL i like their music too. but whatever. and then he's like "that's good to know" and then i said, "and not because of adam" and he laughed at that... and then he's like "i'm gonna go miggle with the others now" LOL

oh man. so overall, the experience minus the concert was great. the concert experience sucked~! wished that frank, bryan and kin's first concert experience could've been better. oh well :\ hope they and my girls had more fun than i did!!
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michael jackson trial

we're watching michael jackson's trial on tv at work right now... now they are betting on what the verdict would be. "what do we get if we win?" "a trip to neverland!" "ew!" LOL i love my job. "if we did michael jackson's fan club, we could've done "the verdict travel package" to this trial" lol they were discussing what are the 10 counts that michael jackson is charged for.

oh they found it

and now they are discussing if those counts are valid. "that's bs! parents drove their kids over there!"

anyway, what is your vote? if gulity, on how many counts? i guess we'll see VERY soon what the jurors decided on... when mofo mj gets to court!

my boss just walked in and said "this is very OJ Simpson, dont you think?"

... anyway this reminds me of a stand-up that we were listening to from the trip to reno and back. they made fun of michael jackson of course.

"michael jackson made a mistake in being a singer, he should've been a priest!"
"michael jackson is trying to say that his trial is racist. (or something along the line) what race, michael?! you have to pick a race first before you can scream that!"


OMG! NOT GUILTY?!!?!?!? WOW. lol what can i say? "The Accused Is Entitled" 3x2 of CSI lol
btw, my boss won the bet. lol
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feeling like shit

today i feel like shit.

weekend wasnt all that great.
friday ALL my plans fell through.
one after the other
and it's not about not being able to do it
but about THINKING that it was set
ready to go
and THEN realizing that it wasnt
sat was alright.
sunday stupid fans ruining my concert
one at a time
and today i feel like shit.
one let down after another.
one headache after another.
today is like the hangover of the bad weekend
...except i didnt have any excitment before it -_-

let's just hope that after today, the week gets better.
*crosses fingers*
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