June 20th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

csi dreams - m5 dreams - getting fat - work

i think watching csi before i sleep has affected my dreams greatly.

two days ago i had a dream that warrick from csi was in love with me. uh yeah. dont quite remember how it went, just knew that much. i was working for csi as something tho... not part of the team... not in the dna lab... not sure what i was but i knew i was working in the lab and warrick was in love with me but he has a messed up gf LOL

i woke up with a fist for some reason... my left hand was in a tight fist... and i have long nails... so i left a huge and deep ass imprint of my index finger's nail. left my hand all numb, i think i cut off some sort of circulation there.

same night, i dreamed that i was eating cake LoL and i woke up drooling LOL i normally do not drool, so that was sick and interesting at the same time

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you know, you take a day off, friday, from work and you come back monday with 50+ emails and 30+ real letters to open. wtf. and i'm not even counting other things i gotta do. i mean granted mondays are the worse because we're close on the weekends, so a lot of mail and emails piles up during then. but really. wow. i dunno what i'm gonna do when i come back from ny that monday. HELP!

and if you're wondering, i'm on lunch right now :P
hug me and dont let go

"how my mind works" tour


thank you for entering my brain today, please take off your shoes while i take you through a short tour of how my brain works when i meet a guy.


couple of days ago i met this guy who's like my mom's friend's son or something along the line. automatically i gave him points because he was wearing a light pink collar shirt, and it looked pretty nice on him too. i always give guys who can wear pink nicely extra points. (alfie!) but sorry... hot pink are usually for gays o.O

anyway i found out that he was in some kind of asian newspaper american idol thing and won! they sent him to hk for another competition but that didnt go very well. a guy who can sing. *raises one eyebrow* extra points. i think there is a few things that is not exactly a must have in a guy but definitely extra points if they can do it well...

- sing
- dance
- cook

athletic, muscular could be included too... depending on somethings... uhm... if he's good in things i like to do, for example pool, extra points for me :P (T!)

i would even give them props for trying but that doesnt impress me :P will definitely minus points if they dont try at least once. unfortunately, at least for me, if they do it REALLY bad... not too attractive... lol minus a little. i'm so harsh

anyway, last thing i found out about him, he's my brother's age. -_- minus a lot of points... to the negatives~ hahahahaha sorry there are just some qualities a guy have that i cannot even THINK about dating.


it's best to not try to understand me. :D but sometimes if you do feel curious, i do hold other tours. i will be here. you can check the schedule for the tours you are interested in.

exit is to the right.
have a nice day
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