June 23rd, 2005

hug me and dont let go

snowboarding season! - NY - note to self

i know i'm about three months early but a conversation about snowboarding was brought up yesterday. and i decided that i REALLY want to go snowboarding this winter season. not just once or twice, but almost every week or every other week during the snowboarding season.

my only problem is that i need to find someone who wants to go as often as i do. hm. uh. yeah.

anyone wanna go with me every week or every other week? :D
ok maybe not THAT much, but definitely more often than usual.

funny how i'm all excited and determined about snowboarding season when i'm going to NY in less than two weeks!!!!!

ok now i'm excited about NY hehehe i'm bringing martin to a really good restaurant that my coworker recommended for his birthday. it's going to be fun. :D party in ny! whoo hoo~

now i'm deciding on what outfits to bring heheheh but i just checked the estimate weather for ny in july. 80 - 100 degrees?!?!? looks like light clothes to like no clothes at all. wtf. LOL

but still major excited :)

i'm at work right now and i left myself a To Do list... one of them is in abbreviation... i totally dunno what the hell i was trying to say. -_-
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