July 6th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

martin said...

"once you get here, it's action packed all the way until you leave"

:D did someone say "PARTY!" ?!

everytime i get off the phone with martin, i get all excited hehehe it's like the feeling of getting off the phone with your crush after you guys talked about plans for your date. except it's minus the crush and the date. hahahaha but that's how i feel every time i get off the phone with him! :D

i will miss you guys~! feel free to call me if you want, i can pick up calls there :D but uhm... *ahem* dont take it personal if i dont pick up 0 :)

in the "wise" words of sponge bob:
hug me and dont let go

my coworkers love me

i went downstairs to mail some letters and i stopped by to talk to my manager downstairs. he asked me if i planned on staying upstairs, i responded with "i dunno" because i really didnt. and he's like "well i hope you dont, i want you back downstairs" lol

and yesterday, my coworkers here (upstairs) made their usual stop at starbucks. and when they came back, they handed me a starbucks coffee gift card, a thank you for all my hard work :D even tho they know i dont drink coffee hahah "for the chocolate drinks!"

i feel so loved
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