July 20th, 2005

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chinese soap

recently after finishing csi, i've been into one of those chinese soaps again. so here's a little background of what's going on with the part i want to talk to you about... the main character's boss' daughter likes him (get it?)... and the boss (a big judge) is all like "you should marry my daughter" and one thing lead to another and the main character's engaged to the daughter... (keep in mind this is during the "old" days where arranged marriages were very common) but being the witty and smart person he is, the main character somehow postponed the marriage.

and then later on in the show, main character falls in love with the heroine of the movie, they both love each other blah blah blah. main character goes up to boss and tells him he cannot marry boss' daughter. said something like "if i end up marrying your daughter, my heart is not fully to her and the three of us wouldnt be happy. i know that i promised you i would but i would rather you kill me than for me to marry someone i dont love" and the heroine was there and she said to the judge, "if you kill him, then you'll have to kill me too." main character gives her this surprised face, and she said to her lover, "we fight together, we die together" you know, something along the line. and the main character's like "Ok, let's die together" kinda thing while they hold hands.

and i'm sitting there thinking, "uh?" now dont get me wrong i think they are really cute together (except when they talk cheesy like that) but i was just thinking, if i love the person, i dunno if i would want them to die for me... like if i was the main character and i heard my lover said that... i'll probably just go "nooo you caaannttt!"

but i guess it's more romantic when you die together?!
just my two cents lol
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rock on

backstreet boys and maroon 5

i really should work... but one more update lol

a few days ago i was talking to my brother about backstreet boy's new album. a friendly reminder, i used to be a really big fan of theirs, back in my early teens. so my mom heard and our conversation sorta went like this (please keep in mind this was all in chinese):

my mom: "they are still around? didnt they split?"
me: no they just came out with a new album
"they are pretty good looking guys"
yeah, but they're old now
"arent maroon 5 older than them?"
!!!!! what?! maroon 5 are only a few years older than me
"really? they look older..."

wtf? lol when i liked bsb in my early teen years, most of them were mid to late twenties, nick was the only one who's a little close to my age. now that i'm in my early twenties, maroon 5 are in their mid twenties. uh yeah, so bsb should be in their early 30's

just some random facts for you.

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