July 29th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

water bottles. good day. interesting

"that must've been before water bottles."

what? i thought water bottles have been out for a very long time?! i dont remember living without them. that's so weird.

my coworkers' responces? "awwww she doesnt know the days without bottled water. they are quite a new invention, you know"


ken's responce to this...
ken: well as we both know
ken: your coworkers are crazy
ken: yea you can tell em I said that
ken: just don't say my real name
ken: or my phone
ken: or my address
ken: or anything else
ken: ...actually just don't tell them


yesterday was really fun. a good "girls night out." free food. free drinks (too bad i dont drink anymore, but free regular drinks are cool too). good atmosphere. good free movie. (dunno if it's because i love john cusack tho, but already decided to get the dvd) and of course GOOD FRIENDS to hang with. :D and the after party was fun too. except for the soup i had. lol but hey, the trip to safeway was fun. :)

it was a good day



VERY interesting. *raises one eyebrow*