August 1st, 2005

hug me and dont let go

conversation with my brother

him: when you going camping?
me: 13th
him: ic
me: i dont think i need the car, but i might
him: you gonna drive it to camp?
me: yeah, it's in muir woods
me: it's a controlled place, with roads
me: and parking lots
him: what kinda of camp has a parking lot
him: gum doi dut
me: yeah
me: it's with cabins
me: and porta potties
me: you know, "camping"
me: with kitchens lol
him: thats called hotel
me: no, it's in the woods!
him: hotel in the woods then

i told my family i was going camping on the 13th. it's so much easier than explaining what i plan to do lol in a nutshell, it's SORTA like camping. i mean all the times i went "camping" with my school... it's with cabins and bathrooms and all that good stuff hahah i never really went actual camping before... except that water rafting with my cousin and her friends.

ugh which reminds me. i really wanna go rafting this month, but nope, my cousin's having a bridal shower on the same day. of course, i go to that one. but my cousin wanna go rafting with me too if it wasnt for her wedding stuff going on hahaha and now there's this other thing going on with der and something about secret place on the same day?

interesting. so many things are going on that day! too bad i can only do one at a time.

i cant believe it's aug already!
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hug me and dont let go

the future

hi yes. i am once again reminded how time flies. today my coworker said "i just heard a classmate's kid just graduated from high school" (stabs himself) "uh, what?!" basically he was reminded how old he's getting, he's actually only 40ish, doesnt look old either. but anyway i was talking to heather about it... and i'm saying the usual "ah before you know it, i'll be saying the same thing"

and then it hit me how time flies and i'm turning 23 this year. that's two years away from the age i think is ideal to get married. wtf. i dont even have a prospect yet! well not like i'll kill myself if i dont get married by then, nor will i force myself to marry anyone because i think i should marry at that age. i'm just saying... time flies.

anyway i'm getting excited thinking about our weddings. hahahahah i'm just excited to see who we're all gonna marry. is it going to be someone we know right now? someone we meet later on in our lives? someone we lost touch with and suddenly, out of faith, see again? who? who?

and here is the question that's probably crossed your mind at least once: out of all your friends you know now, who will be the first to get married?? hahaha

and you can read </a></b></a> entry for a little entertainment about my premonition about her... in the middle of our conversation about something else... it was weird. swear to God it just hit me, out of nowhere. i wonder if i'm psychic lol

DISCLAIMER: premonitions come to me, i cannot summon it LOL :P
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crossing the line

so i get the usual "wanna go watch (insert movie) today after work?" in this case, it was stealth. in most movies or tv shows, most viewers would protray that as being asked out on a date. but for us, it's just like a regular hanging out question. i'm sure it's the same for most ppl i know. and we answered "yes" or "no" to the person who asked with no stress of whether you like the guy or have hurt the guy. it's so weird. i think that's why they say friends cannot date each other. you're not sure how to cross the line. where is the line?! how do you know if anyone is crossing it or not without actually hearing/saying "yes i'm asking you out on A DATE"

like one time, someone said to me that we should eat dinner together sometimes. and i'm like "sure just let me know when" and he acted surprised that i said "sure" and he's like "really?" at first i was curious to why he sounded surprised and then it later hit me that he might've asked me out on a date and i said "yes" without really realizing it.

not good.

but i'm so used to going out one on ones with a guy friend that it never struck me as a big deal... or a date.

and how about the times i want it to be a date? one time i asked a guy friend out and i had to add "on a date" in order for him to know that it's no regular hanging out thing. at first he's like "sure let's do it. let's pretend" and when i said i'm not, he said, "you're joking right?"

where's the line?

i should really get back to work
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