August 29th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

weekend recap

OK... this is a long entry...

friday - kevin planned a birthday dinner at cheesecake with a few of my close friends, you know who you guys are. :D thank you for that :D and since everyone's hooking up, i "formally annouced" that kevin and i are "dating" and then formally annouced that we "broke up" when he said he wasnt "ready." and then at the end, kevin sorta formally annouced that i'm "his girl." that was funny. hahaha yes we are complicated. thanks for dinner tho! :D afterward we went to see brothers grimm, yes i wanted to see it!! it's my party and i could cry if i want to... jk lol that movie was alright. as what bonnie read in the reviews, nice affect but not that great of a movie.

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anyway, i had a lot of fun. thank you everyone who has wished me a happy birthday in any way, shape or form. thank you everyone who celebrated it with me on any of those days i celebrated it. :)
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