August 31st, 2005

hug me and dont let go

what's up with this weather?

it's so hot right now. i wish we had an air conditioner... but i'm sure no one in sf has one because it was never needed! so why is it so hot today?! my god. what's wrong with the past couple of days? i can only imagine how it's like inland!

It's Complicated

on friendster, in the status section... there's a few options to pick from

- Single
- In a Relationship
- Domestic Partner
- Married
- It's Complicated

lol! i picked it's complicated for the heck of it... it came out as blank for my status! lol!

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23+ clubs

so i was procastinating at work (as frank would say "so what's new?") and i was on the beyond website... and i wondered what it takes to be a member... so i clicked on it and it said,

Membership status entitles you to additional guestlist privileges above those given to the normal public. As an entertainment group designed for and created by young professionals, we require ONLY 23+ working professionals to sign up for our members section. We hope to meet you soon!

so i'm reading it and i'm thinking "oh damnit, 23+!" and then it hit me! i'm 23 now! i can sign up! whoaaa~ weird.

it finally hit me.

i'm 23!

not like it matters but heheh let's sign up!
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hug me and dont let go


M: speaking of girlfriend, i need you to perform one of her duties
M: give me advice on this watch i am looking to buy

i miss M.

we're keeping the tradition alive. the next time we meet, it'll be somewhere we dont live in. europe is our choice right now. that is if he doesnt "work to death first"
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