September 9th, 2005

hug me and dont let go


ooOoOoOh i wanna get the nano because it's cute and small... and now that i am on salary... it's affordable without really digging a hole in my wallet... omg... but i dont even need it... but i want it! i think i'm gonna get one... so tempted to...

STOOP ME~! help~!

edited: oOoOOh free shipping! free engraving! i'm getting it! FUCK WHAT ENGRAVING DO I PUT?!?!? i say, it's a little birthday gift for myself, my parents red envelope for my birthday covered half of it already anyway :D

ok... here are some engraving i have in mind... should i engrave...

"Those who dont believe in magic will never find it" <-- sister's idea. HP also too long!
"What can be imagined can be achieved"
"learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" too long :(

i was gonna put "call me pod pod" in my spontaneous moment, but my sister vetoed it lol
this whole limited thing is kinda frustrating... maybe i should just think of a name for it and leave it lol

conclusion: i just put A r N o G s E e L on it hahahahah it looked pretty good like that on the preview

YAY for new toys, yay for discounts!
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hug me and dont let go

maroon 5 autograph guitar

this is a conversation between coworkers

coworker #1 (just came back from vegas) "so i was at the aladdin mall and one of the stores had an autograph maroon 5 guitar going for $1600"
coworker #2 "and to think we gave ours away"
coworker #3 "oh that's because i signed it"

ok reading back on it, it doesnt seem that funny but i had a good laugh when it happened lol

hahahahah i just realized i dont have an adam icon! GO FIGURE hahahah! 0 :)

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Be bebot bebot
Be bebot bebot be
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