September 14th, 2005

hug me and dont let go


i had a dream last night that i was living in japan with this guy lol! basically i was there by myself and i was sharing a house with this guy, the landowner. (dunno him in real life) the house was soooooo nice, like wtf. and the guy looked like around his late 20's or early 30's. he also seemed to be interested in me and.... i think we were seeing each other after i moved in not long ago... but i wasnt too sure? we were grocery shopping and he was saying how i should invite my parents over to "our" house for dinner. (wait. grocery shopping?? i hope he can cook because i sure cant LOL) anyway, he said he had a surprise announcement. hahahahahah! but before my parents even came over, we were attacked my monsters. what a way to end the dream. i wondered what the announcement was.

but anyway i wouldnt mind dating him tho lol. he was pretty good looking, rich, owns a really nice house (and in japan too! haha!) and in my dream, he treated me very nice... i felt protected :D and if he can cook, then that's even better. very husband quality/potential overall lol.

am i being psychic again? i sure hope so! hahaha!

as of right now, my nano is in INDIANAPOLIS, IN... just letting you know because i know you want to know
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hug me and dont let go

edward norman

so. we have a guest named edward norman. and everytime someone emails me about him or IM me regarding him, i would read "our guest, edward norton..." and my heart would always stop for a second until i realized that they said "edward norman."

damn him. now if edward norton was really on one of those packages, i would freak out. majorly. and somehow get myself on that package hahahahha

he's actually probably the only famous person i would want to meet right now... then archie kao lolol

I say come back
Come in from the cold
Into the warm
I feel like fire
Guiding you back home
As darkness falls

I say come home
Leave it all behind
And settle down
I feel my love
Can give me what I want
For all time
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hug me and dont let go

something is in the air

something is in the air. for the past couple of months, A LOT OF PEOPLE have been hooking up. like every week, "oh they hooked up?" it's quite amazing. i guess i'm immune to it! har har har! well the ppl who's been hooking up either just turned 23 or turning 23 this year. so i hope that means the relationship they are getting into recently will make the year 23 one of the better years of their lives :)

while i become a nun hahahah!

Quote of the Day:
me: john just denied me lol
thatishawtt: nooooooo
thatishawtt: lol
thatishawtt: this is not a time to be denied
*heather is no longer thatishawtt... i just changed it to that so ppl wont be confused with the two heathers and her new sn wont be revealed

Meanwhile I hide my head
Here in this paper bag
Cause if I cant see you
Then you can't see me
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destroying the nanoOoOo

i stole this from tisha. she said that in a span of three days, about a dozen people sent her this link. maybe because she's such an ipod fanatic! heheheh :P

i was quite amused reading this page three. i tried reading page four but got kinda bored. lol you should read it for fun. i was thinking about getting a warranty on my nano but after reading this i am not too sure LOL

i need a nano icon lol
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