September 29th, 2005

hug me and dont let go


i'm thinking about getting a sidekick.

i dont really need one since i am always online at work and what not... but it's nice to be "out and about" and get an IM here and there... text messaging im is so much slower. lol and while i'm online at work with my work sn. ppl can IM me on my regular sn hhahahahaha...

hmm it's about $249.99 after mailing rebate... that's like almost the price of my nano hheheheeh and then $30 a month which is really not that bad... i'm not gonna use it as a phone.

really really contemplating about it lol

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hug me and dont let go

DNA this weekend

</a></b></a>dominic is leaving for japan mid next month :(

he's planning on having a casual clubbing going away party this saturday @ DNA.

sign up and meet us there :D
free entry before 11 with rsvp and tie hahahah wear it and then take it off once you get in!

let's party!

does anyone have a tie i can borrow? haha :P
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