October 17th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

hooking up

another one?! lol

and i would like to repeat myself once again.


it's really quite amasing. seriously.

i'm amused

edited: on another note... if they* hook up, i am going to cry. o.O

please dont hook up


*not the previous couple i talked about but a new one
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hug me and dont let go

trying to remember

my memory is the worse...

is it bad that i do not remember if i ever held hands with what's his name? like you know, walking around. the only time i remember is if we're sitting in the car and he's driving. sometimes his hands would just casually come over and hold my hands. or if we're cuddling. yes i know, tmi... anyway...

i dont remember if we ever held hands walking around... did we really never did that? did we hardly walk around with each other?? or is my memory just the worse? o.O it wasnt that long time ago...

i almost felt like asking him about it hahahah but then that would be bad

quote of the day

heather (m5): band sluts and hugger sluts dont belong together

damn right! lol
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