October 27th, 2005

hug me and dont let go

kareoke themes

so.... at work we were in this whole karaoke phase... where we pick a theme from napster and play the songs, sing along to it... and we'll always have someone find the lyrics for us and IM it to everyone. the whole floor literally sings along with the songs.

we were in the 60's theme and listening to this elvis song. i'm reading the lyrics and i said "this is a little stalkerish" and they're like "HEY let's do a stalker theme!"

and guess what was the order in napster?

#4 The Rain by Oran "Juice" Jones
#3 Every Breath You Take by The Police
#2 One Way or Another by Blondie

and for #1

Escape by Enrique Iglesias

I actually dont think that song was bad enough to be number 1 but yeah. hahah funny stuff. gotta read the lyrics to noticed how bad the songs are.
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funny ebay auction... to sleep or not to sleep?

stolen from heather. maroon 5 heather lol

the actual link

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yes this made me laugh out loud.

so i'm leaving for LA at 3 AM...

at this point i am trying to figure out if i should go ahead and nap now and wake up at 3 even tho i know it's kinda hard to wake up when you nap...

or if i should stay awake until 3 AM and totally passed out on the bus....

i think i am gonna stay awake since mike agreed to keep me company.
that boy never sleeps.
and i really wanna pass out on the bus lol

but i am SO tired. omfg. lol
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