November 2nd, 2005

hug me and dont let go

new features

ok who else noticed the new featues on lj? my lj, the scrapbook. the scrapbook is kinda lame.... you upload pics, you press post and they help you post it on lj. whoopie... didnt know i could do that before.... i guess it's a place where we can upload pics??? instead of er... finding a host ourselves??? and for those too lazy to use a client or dunno html???

i SORTA understand "My LJ".... sorta dont... guess it's just a place for all the short cuts??? altho i dont see what much of a difference it is compare to those tabs that were always on top of the screen... you know... the tabs under the "livejournal" words.

just found out this feature is for the paidmembers only... does anyone with a free account see scrapbook?

UH? GIFT SHOP? hehehe now i know where to go to purchase more icons.

i'm just kidding 0 :)

man what's up with friendster and lj getting all updated with me. yes change is good but i'm too old to learn new stuff LOL i'm still trying to figure out what CSS mean for friendster... o.O?

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hug me and dont let go

quote of the day

one of my coworkers: for a drag queen, halloween is just another day

hahahaha :D
yes once in a while, he's a drag queen.
no, he doesnt work in drag
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