January 9th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

new pet. testimonials

it's my new pet teehee

my pet!

edited: i was just reminded.... last christmas 2005, donato IMed me asking me what i wanted for christmas... and like all christmas conversations i asked him what he wanted and if he wanted to chip in for the other ppl part of "the gang." and so i asked him what jonathan wanted and he said "either a 32" plazma or a hampster" and i said "hey! let's get him a hampster!"

but being the naive me, i didnt know that donato was just joking about that. and i was so dead serious too. so we ended up getting jonathan a hampster ahahahahahah~! which btw i found to be ADORABLE! maybe i just like animals in general...

hey, jonathan! have you named it yet?


dunno what happened...
but...so sad
all my friendster's testimonials are gone. how sad
oh well

whee~! it's back!
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