January 10th, 2006

hug me and dont let go


hi --

i just want to let you know that "excited" is an understatement on how i feel right now :)



until then,
the happy one
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hug me and dont let go

quote of the day

Background Info: M is looking into buying a snowboard. so he was asking me questions and what not... and i was giving him suggestions and advice.

me: fyi. one thing about boots, your toes shouldnt hurt when you try them on... but at the same time, tight. i made that mistake, thinking they will loosen up... they will but that's after many trips with kinda painful boots
M: im not a girl, i will never buy something that will hurt my toes!! :p
me: HEY! lol good
M: but on that same note, i think i will cry if i break a nail on the slopes.

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