January 23rd, 2006

hug me and dont let go


OH KAY....

i just got an email from travelocity. "Low Fare Alert - Round-Trip Deals out of San Francisco..."

wtf. why in the world is it cheaper to fly to London than to places like NYC or Hawaii?? makes no sense. the prices to fly to London is cheaper than what i got when i went to NYC last year. and for a few $$ more, i can also go to places like Paris and Rome hahahahahahah


if anyone needs me, i'll be in london LOL jk
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shoulder pain


i dunno if i ever told you but i have shoulder pain everytime i sit in front of the computer for a long extended period of time. and recently it's only been on the left side... the thing is.... this is not good because i work in front of the computer, 5 days a week, 8 hrs a day. i cant figure out if i got it due to the car accident i had two - three years ago ... when i was rare ended by someone... we were stationary none the less... or if it's because of all the falls i had all the times i've snowboarded and landed wrong... or simply because the way my monitor is laid out on my desk... is the desk too low? is the monitor too low? is the chair too high? or all of the above... (not like it really matters) but mannnnn this gotta stop. i've already got the chair. i've got this monitor ledge thingy that boost the monitor a little higher. what's the deal?!?!? UGGH!!!!! this sucks.


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