January 31st, 2006

hug me and dont let go

jesse. brangelina. andy lau

a coworker of mine was asking me to think of a password for jesse. we have a coworker named jesse, so i was naming all these things relating to him... then i found out... it's for maroon 5 jesse o_____O now that's different :) that's a lot easier to think of hahahahah

i mentioned to calmdragon about this incident because he IMed me when it happened... i was telling H that jesse's the love of my life hahaha and he's like "how unfortunate that he is unaware of your existence haha :P" HAH!!!!! i beg to differ. jesse is well aware of my existence... and i think he's also aware of my huge crush on him hahahah because he seems a little uncomfortable whenever he's talking to me. or maybe it's me? maybe he has a crush on me and he's shy?!?! ^_^ yeah, i wish. -______- but even if that's true, he's too late! hahahahah! i'm so silly

well anyway, H goes into this whole thing which i thought was funny...

H: ah, if only my biggest crush knew i exist
H: oh angelina, why brad pitt?
me: what kind of question is that?!

ok i have to admit, if i can pick any actor, brad pitt would not be my first choice, but "why brad pitt?" seriously, what kind of question is that? LOL

oh P.S. i finally got my andy lau's the best of my love cd and finally watched the whole video of "nga duc lay." i'm kinda disappointed at the ending of that video! the beginning is so cute and the ending is so... uh... ok? oh well :) hey laura and heather, now you can listen to andy in my car too hahahaha
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