February 8th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

one of the worse days

yesterday prob is one of the worse days I had. first I found out what's his face broke up with my good friend. I told him in the beginning when they hooked up to treat her right or i'll kick his ass. looks like i'll have to kick his ass. she was so hurt, she was sent home from work!

then I found out my coworker is on a break w/her bf. but she seemed fine with it. said it was mutual.

later that day, I had to talk to a bitch not so nice woman on the phone... that said some unnecessary thing that did nothing but ruined my mood. but thank god eric knows how to cheer me up. thanks ♥

to end my day... w/a phone call from der... about lau passing away :( I took care of him too :*(**

and to top it off, eric, who supposedly "never gets sick," is sick. so sick he couldn't talk to me on the phone. we had to text each other. :(

*BIG HUGS* everyone. feel better soon
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hug me and dont let go

google chat


from now on if you cant get on aim/aim express, you can "IM" me on google chat teehee. this rocks. :D if you want a gmail account, let me know, i can invite 100 ppl LOL

and for the ppl who have it but dont use it, you should use it!! :)

edited: i noticed that it's also a good way to catch and talk to ppl who hardly goes on aim :D i just talked to three ppl who are hardly on aim... on this :D
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