April 5th, 2006

is it friday yet?




daylight saving is horrible.
i'm lying in bed at 1 am wide awake :(


did you noticed how it was sunny
but sprinkling at the same time? lol
i hope some of you saw a rainbow :P


i'm getting forwards from ppl
about 911. documentries.
i kinda wanna watch it but it's 2 hrs long total!

i rather use that time to read the da vinci code


my boss just got a bcr cd sent to him
wouldnt it be funny if we did their fan club too?
it'll be like... maroon 5 all over again for me :)
that would be pretty awesome.
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quotes from work

so tickets are going on sale tomorrow and this is the fan club hold for one show: Sect H, Rows 5-9; Sect B, Rows 3-6; Sect G, Rows 4-10; Sect C, Rows 6-9; Sect D, Rows 2-6; Sect A, Rows 3-6; Sect E, Rows 6-9

i was saying if someone asked me what seating locations we have, i think i'm gonna bash my head in the wall. and my coworker is telling me to say to them "by the time i finish telling you, tickets will be sold out!" lol which is so true considering how fast they go