April 12th, 2006

forbidden love


i really shouldnt >:)

but hahahahaha it's like asking for it.
calling out to me.

sooo tempted. must resist myself... :X


speaking of (the icon)

i'm going to the dentist tomorrow to get drilled :(
how sad

and thanks to the fan who send us easter goodies/sweets.

well i guess since i'm being drilled... might as well go all out LOL
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wilting rose


hi --

gmail is acting weird.

i cant receive emails. i cant send emails. i cant even save my emails as draft. however i could discard those emails that i wrote... you know.. the ones i cant send or save... and i can chat on google chat.

basically, gmail is wacked.

thank you for taking note.


p.s. it's pouring out.
p.p.s. they said it's gonna rain until monday
p.p.p.s. i hope that's the end of the raining season
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