April 17th, 2006

hug me and dont let go

the good, the bad and the ugly - tahoe

you can say those words concluded my weekend in tahoe. really good one day, really bad the other. i've been once again reminded that the world lives in a balance.

the good - the first day was so much fun. not only was it sunny out so we arrived to tahoe faster than expected... but all the toys i wanted, eric got for me :P we played tons of games and had tons of fun with everyone. we teased the workers there to help us out lol saw some guy playing air hockey by himself lol then came dinner and we went to one of the better steak house i've been to. and thanks to heather, i was able to finish my wine LOL

gambling was fun and funny. heather, eric and i all went to an empty table. the dealer asked for our ids. since i carry a copy of eric's id, i gave him eric's id first (since that one was the first one i saw first) and while i was looking for mine... the dealer already checked everyone's id. in a nutshell, i was able to pass off eric's id as for mine LOL the dealer only looked at the year, not the picture. that was funny. unless we look alike? hahahah! but anyway the dealer's scary tho. i got 19, he got 21. i got 20, he got 21. and they are small cards too! so we all left right after those two hands and moved over. at first i can say it kinda sucked and i lost what i started off with.

but i went ahead and moved to another table and started off with the same amount i lost in the previous table. i doubled that... won back my lost... and basically doubled both amounts :D so i was on a good roll. and i was good enough to stop myself and not play anymore. normally i would lose my winnings and even out. i ALWAYS do that. i'll double it and then lose my winnings and even out lol so i was being good! and thanks to eric for listening to me and not let me play anymore lol (it was a good idea for me to give all my money for my bf to hold LOL cant even gamble if i wanted to)

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but yeah, it's ok. because:
1. everyone got home safe and sound.
2. everyone also get to go to work and school today instead of missing any as what we thought would happen, esp. how half of us had important things to do at work.
3. i still had one day that was really fun.
4. i kept thinking how the person who took my money will lose 3 times as much as what they took from me. so that makes me feel better lol (karma! dont mess with that :P altho it makes me wondered what i did to deserve losing my money :'( )
5. it's a good sunny day today.

and to end my list of good things that makes up for the bad/ugly things that happened: i am finally getting the phone i wanted!!!!! thanks, babe :D ♥

and thank you to nicky, robert and heather for being around to help us out :) (boy, robert is strong. "he's a machine"! :P)
and thank you eric for driving and for going up even tho i know he hates driving in the snow :)


why do you always ask questions you know the answer to?!?!? pssh~!
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