May 8th, 2006

hug me and dont let go


yesterday i had dinner with lawrence. it's a little get together/catch up thing before he leaves for taiwan. ever since i heard how he's leaving for taiwan, i always wanted to ask him why he was going... but i decided to save it for this get together... i'm not sure if i told you but when i first met lawrence, our mutual friends always joked about how he was offered to be some model/singer/actor (somewhere along the lines) in taiwan. and i always thought it was a joke or it happened once and it was dropped.

but apparently, they continue to ask and he finally gave in! lol! i just thought how funny it would be to go to taiwan and see lawrence on a billboard LOL or to even watch him on commercial. i mean yeah he's not a bad looking guy. i guess you can say one of the better looking ones. lawrence was one of those guys where no matter which girl you see talking to him, that girl always have that giddy smile on her face. heartbreaker i tell you, altho he beg to differ. but still, a model? LOL i told him how he has to email me all the photo shoots he will be doing and links to commercials he'll be on. LOL "boy you're really enjoying this, arent you?" was what he asked me.

you know, i dont see him often anymore but when it comes to knowing that you wont be able to call up a friend and be like "hey let's meet up!" anytime you want... it's kinda sad :[

ahh i'm gonna miss his baked goods. his family's secret...passed down from generations... egg tart (lol!) i told him if it doesnt work out, his fall back job could be a bakery chef hehehe
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