July 14th, 2006

forbidden love

why eliza is getting fat

so when i was down in LA for a travel package... right before the concert, i bought some kettle corn and was sharing it among fans. btwn conversation, a fan asked me what i thought of the kettle corn and mentioned to me how she loves kettle corn... and we end up having a conversation about our love for kettle corn.

my supervisor, who traveled with me on the package, always mentions how "the office loves chocolate" whenever someone asks her something like "how can we thank you?" LoL i dont recall her saying it during the package but a couple of days ago, we got hershey's chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered pretzels from the fan i was talking to about kettle corn.

the next day (this morning) 3 lbs of kettle corn was sent to the office under my name from the same fan.

i looked over to the third coworker that went onto the package. i clearly recall the same fan talking to him, asking what he liked and he joked about beer...

and funny enough, just right now, a big box of Dos Equis with packaging peanuts were sent to us LOL

i told eric the story and he said "next time, you should say you like cash"


be careful what you wish for.
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